• Thomas Hon Wing Polin: China’s Overture to Wall Street (CounterPunch)
    For all the pomp and circumstance of Donald Trump’s Beijing trip, its most interesting outcome was a Chinese overture to the titans of glo […]

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    President Aoun calls Saudi detention of Hariri ‘aggression against Lebanon (Press TV)
    Lebanese President Michel Aoun says Saudi Arabia is holding Prime Minister Saad Hariri, calling the detention as an act of a […]

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      加快社会信用 […]

  • Lucas Koerner: Chavistas Take 17 of 23 States in Venezuelan Regional Elections as Opposition Cries Fraud (Venezuelanalysis)
    The United Socialist Party of Venezuela won 54 percent of the total vote, marking a […]

  • Larry Siems: Inside the CIA’s black site torture room (Guardian)
    There were twenty cells inside the prison, each a stand-alone concrete box. In sixteen, prisoners were shackled to a metal ring in the wall. In f […]

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    Sam Jones, Stephen Burgen: Catalan referendum: preliminary results show 90% in favour of independence (Guardian)
    Catalan officials have claimed that preliminary results of its referendum have shown 90% in favour […]

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    Liu Zhen, Kristin Huang: All North Korean firms and joint ventures in China to be closed (South China Morning Post)
    All existing joint ventures with North Korean firms in China, as well as entities solely owned […]

  • Victor Grossman: Merkel Clobbered, German Far Right Rising (CounterPunch)
    A key result of the German elections is not that Angela Merkel and her double party, Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Bavarian CSU […]

  • sanjam dan i godinu → skoro celu godinu
    Danke, korrigiert.

  • Jon Schwarz: North Korea keeps saying it might give up its nuclear weapons – but most news outlets won’t tell you that (Intercept)
    North Korea has been saying over and over again that it might put its nuclear wea […]

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    David Bandurski: The Arithmetic of Party-Speak (Medium)
    As anyone whose profession it is to parse the language of Chinese C […]

  • Jacob Judah: Myanmar: Rohingya insurgents declare month-long ceasefire (Guardian)
    Rohingya insurgents declared a month-long unilateral ceasefire last night, saying it would allow aid to reach north-western […]

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    Sidney Leng: China’s dirty little secret: its growing wealth gap (South China Morning Post)
    China’s wealth gap has widened for the first time in five years, a fact Beijing chose not to mention in this yea […]

  • Jacob Judah: Thousands of Rohingya flee Myanmar amid tales of ethnic cleansing (Observer/Guardian)
    The refugees say their villages are being raided and burned. They tell stories of the indiscriminate killing of […]

  • Eric Blank: October and its Relevance: A Discussion with China Miéville (Portside)
    The first purpose of the book is to tell the story for readers who don’t necessarily know anything about the Russian Re […]

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    Union Juive Française pour la Paix: An Intolerable Europeanization of ‘Antisemitism’ Blackmail (CounterPunch) / Une insoutenable européanisation du chantage à l’antisémitisme (UJFP)
    On 1 June, the European […]

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    Ian Johnson: Cambridge University Press Removes Academic Articles on Chinese Site / 迫于审查压力,剑桥大学出版社在华删除敏感内容 (New York Times)
    One of the world’s oldest and most respected publishing houses, Cambridge Univer […]

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    Bernd Vasari: Ein Zug wird kommen (Wiener Zeitung)
    Nach jahrelangen Forderungen der Wirtschaftskammer gibt es nun auch von Infrastrukturminister Jörg Leichtfried (SPÖ) ein Bekenntnis zum Ausbau der B […]

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    Kartik Jayaram, Omid Kassiri, Irene Yuan Sun: The closest look yet at Chinese economic engagement in Africa (McKinsey)
    Field interviews with more than 1,000 Chinese companies provide new insights into […]

  • 1. Celebrated Canadian soldier William Grant Stairs helped King Leopold II of Belgium conquer the resource-rich Katanga region of the Congo. And yes, the cutting of hands, business…
    (Great article except they d […]

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