• We all have sides to ourselves that need to be fed.

    We have nuances that keep us sane. Habits of comfort, people we call, ways we organize. New year beginnings are a time to revisit our priorities, rearrange as […]

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    I am always shy to admit I spent much time on English , However, I accept the truth I didn’t stuck to it for long period . I don’t know whether it is the reason that made me shy . After picking it up once aga […]

  • Something is going on.

    While I have a deep fondness for Paris ever since my trip there in 2010, the past few weeks have been filled with an almost unbearable longing to go back Serviced Apartments.

    Maybe […]

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    When I was a kid, we had a big, ceramic cookie jar on the counter. It was shaped like a mushroom, with the jar lid being the mushroom cap and the body of the jar was being the stem of the mushroom Sage 300 […]

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    Nothing like a fruit jam and almond tart to celebrate fall. We’re full on in stone fruit season, and it’s a constant struggle between using all the fruit from the market to try out new recipes, and just eating the […]

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    Once again, I found myself with an overload of fruit. Sure, I like pears and apples, which show up at the market on the cusp of autumn. But I want summer to last as long as possible. So when I see good nectarines, […]

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    With Oats I’ve always had a love and hate relationship. There are times when I lean more towards making them simple in just water and cinnamon, topped with honey and nuts or then maybe just a jar of chilled o […]

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    How did the month of August go for you?

    Did it fly by? Mine too!

    I had plans to make progress on a couple of big projects — things like a new book, and an online class — and I did some work
    on them, but I a […]

  • Developing recipes is full of almosts. You get an idea in your head, and you give it a try, and it almost works. Maybe not quite what you were imagining, but close. Or, sometimes not even all that close. You try […]

  • Paris is not a cheap city, and generally speaking, the good places aren’t either. Fresh ingredients cooked from scratch, skilled staff, and a pleasant décor you want to sit in, all cost money that the customer ha […]

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    My pantry doesn’t feel quite right if I don’t have a stack of coconut milk cans handy. I find a million and one uses for the […]

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    I was telling someone the other day that on my “bucket list” is to one day take the entire month of December off of work. This is so I can finally have time and space to do all the things that I dream of doing at […]

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    那時候排斥社會,不知道自己要如何加入到繁雜的人際關係。那時候經常抱怨,要怎樣才能讓理想與現實接軌。那時候經常會做夢,如果我有了花不完的錢,我要去哪旅遊,去哪happy,那時候經常和 […]

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    她笑起 […]

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    正午時分,烈日當空,大人們都昏昏欲睡,但是我們這群小孩子卻絲毫沒有睡意,豎著耳朵,只為捕捉一聲村頭傳來的透著絲絲涼意的吆喝聲:“冰棍……賣冰棍咯……”在我們的望穿秋水中,賣冰棍的小販騎著自行車來了,車後座上捆綁著一個木箱,箱子裏鋪 […]

  • 依據傳統中醫的養生理論,有所謂「春養肝、夏養心、秋養肺、冬養腎」的說法。中醫認為,夏屬火,心這個臟腑也屬火,中醫也認為心主血脈,也就是西醫所謂的心臟與循環系統;而心也主神明,也就是人腦的思考與感官認知,被忙碌的生活壓得喘不過氣或是過度勞累導致身體無法負荷,心臟問題往往悄悄成形,然後無預警的突然發生抗衰老精華。

    所以平時就要注意身體的一些小細節,像是壓力大或是工作忙碌時總覺得胸口壓力沉重,像是有隻大象站在你的胸上,自身感 […]

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